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Ravished by Beauty: Theology Brunch for September

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
September 27 2018

“My spiritual journey, ever since, has been an effort to recover God’s wild and winsome splendor . . . ”

In Ravished by Beauty: The Surprising Legacy of Reformed Spirituality, Belden C. Lane reveals a surprising side to Reformed theology.

This study looks at the historical development—from John Calvin to Jonathan Edwards—of a theology of beauty and desire, expressed in the metaphors of the world as a theater of God’s glory and nature as a school of desire. In doing so, it lays a theological foundation for an environmental ethic based on the impulse of the world to reflect God’s beauty.

Between the major chapters of the book are engaging personal essays drawn from the author’s own love of nature as a Reformed Christian, and providing a thoughtful discussion of contemporary issues of species diversity and the honoring of an earth community.

Senior Minister Scott Jones will review and discuss Ravished By Beauty at our next Theology Brunch, Thursday, September 27 at noon at Early Bird Brunch.

Note: Check back in a couple of weeks for an excerpt from the book.

Belden C. Lane is Professor Emeritus of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University. His interests include the relationship between geography and faith, wilderness backpacking in the Ozarks, the magic of storytelling, desert spirituality, exposing students to urban poverty through the Catholic Worker community, and the poetry of Rumi.   His other books include Backpacking with the Saints: Wilderness Hiking as Spiritual Practice and The Solace of Fierce Landscapes: Exploring Desert and Mountain Spirituality.