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First Forum in the SUMMER

Katie Miller
May 31 2018

First Central has an exciting line up for this Summer’s First Forum Schedule!

Beginning at 9:15 am each Sunday morning, First Forum is an educational opportunity for adults to dive deeply into faith as well as contemporary issues facing our community and world.   Childcare is available in the nursery for all Forums.  For more info or to share a Forum idea for the future, please direct all inquiries to education@firstcentral.org.

June 3 – Tax Reform and YOU – Don Kluge, CPA
Don Kluge, a retired Certified Public Accountant, will talk about new tax legislation called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (TCJA) which was signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017.  It is probably the largest and most comprehensive tax legislation of the last 50 years. It will take $397 million and 1,734 full-time employees over the next two years for the IRS to implement it.   It may change the way we think about finances as well as other decisions we make.  “TCJA” is first effective for the calendar year 2018.  Already we are nearly half way through 2018 with most people probably not aware of the changes coming.  Join us to learn more about it!

June 10 –  “Transformations” – Charmayne Harper, Artist and FCC Member in Discernment
Charmayne will be joining us to do discuss herart installment at First Central, “Transformations:  an Exhibition of Liturgical Art – Recycling Materials and Myself – 2004-present.  The art installation will be up at First Central June 3-24.

June 17 – FISHBOWL SUNDAY – Rev. Katie Miller
Forum will be borrowing a model from the youth group and discussing any burning questions about faith, culture, life, etc. in a communal setting.  Got a burning question/comment/issue to discuss?  Bring it in your head, write it down on paper, put it in the fishbowl, and we will draw them (completely anonymously) one by one to discuss as a group.  Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure opportunity… Forum-style.

June 24 – Nebraska-by-County – David Hendee, OWH
David Hendee, recently retired from the Omaha World Herald, will share a discussion on Nebraska counties – fun to be had, fascinating destinations, and hidden gems in our great state.

July 1 – Declaration of Independence – Fred Nielsen, FCC member
A special 4th of July discussion on the document (and the people) that so shaped our nation.

July 8, 15, 22, 29 – Apocryphal Jesus – Deb Kirwan, FCC member
The New Testament gives us 27 canonical texts—gospels, letters, and more—but these works are only a tiny fraction of the many volumes written about the life of Jesus, his family, and the apostles. This alternative body of literature falls under the category of “apocrypha,” which means “hidden” or “secret,” and it offers fascinating insights into the early Christian world and how different groups understood the teachings of Jesus and the first apostles.  This summer, Deb Kirwan will continue lead us in through this series and the hidden worlds and words of Jesus.

August 5, 12 – Privelege Primer – Rev. Scott Jones, PhD

August 19, 26 – Untitled Forum, Fred Nielsen, FCC Member