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Stewardship Campaign 2019

Cassie Williams
October 11 2018

For the past few weeks Church members have been sharing their First Central stories. They have expressed what make this Church important in peoples’ lives and why they support First Central Church financially.

We hope you’ve taken some time to consider your First Central story.

Stewardship Sunday was October 7th which passed by without much notice. So, this Sunday, October 14th, we are extending the conclusion of our Stewardship Campaign for 2019. If you have submitted your pledge – Thank You. If you still have your blank pledge card in your pile of mail at home, please prayerfully consider how much you can pledge to support the good works and value of First Central, fill it out and submit it.

You can pledge online, or simply place the pledge card in the Offertory Plate this Sunday.

We Sincerely Thank You.
The Stewardship Committee