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Transformations: Art Exhibit

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
June 10 2018

The Arts Team in cooperation with Charmayne Harper’s Discernment Committee is happy to present an exhibit of Charmayne’s art June 3 thru June 24: “TRANSFORMATIONS: Recycling Materials and Life”

Charmayne Harper began recycling materials in her art in the early 1990’s for economic reasons, being a single mother of two daughters. As a ceramicist working with clay as a medium retaining textures and shapes, she converted her thinking about the creative process to include virtually any material she found “discarded” which was free, cheap, textured, and interesting. She noted these materials had qualities she was seeking in her sculptural and painting processes, and in combining the materials with varying elements of earth, air, fire, and water she could transform them completely, creating new visions of life and messages of hope and life…like she herself has done repeatedly in her life and relationships. 

Harper studied theology and graduated from United Theological Seminary with an emphasis on liturgical art and spiritual development. She is seeking ordination in ministry in cooperation with First Central, emphasizing spiritual and community development through creativity and reinventing herself yet again after past incarnations as a ceramicist, fine artist, graphic designer, national level corporate marketer, university and college instructor, sign maker, mediator, organizational behavior expert on bullying and horizontal violence. Her message is that one can transform and reinvent oneself and the community by connection to the God Energy of Creation and Creativity.

Charmayne’s art will be on display June 3 thru June 24 in the parlor and she will give a special presentation about her theology of art at the June 10 Adult Education forum at 9:15.