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Month: November 2016

Lent Forums 2022

Lent Forums 2022

Join us on Sundays throughout Lent for a series of informative forums related to our Lenten theme of "A Long Walk." We'll hear from experts in our congregation and do...

The Reza Family

A Note on the Reza Family by Melanie Naughtin After the announcement in church Sunday, November 28, regarding the decision to offer assistance to an Afghan family who...

Pandemic Spirituality

Pandemic Spirituality

This spring Senior Minister Scott Jones wrote a series of five essays connecting our pandemic and quarantine experiences with the spiritual wisdom of the church.  Here...

Katie’s Musings:  COVID Time

Katie’s Musings: COVID Time

I think the weirdest thing about COVID life is the passage of time.   June is almost gone.  But May was only yesterday. Remember the Australian wildfires? No? Don’t...

From The Refugee Team

From The Refugee Team

We received word last month that our (current) refugee family was struggling during this time of pandemic. The bread-winner of the Khamis family had been having...

Katie’s Musings:  Church/Theater

Katie’s Musings: Church/Theater

One of the first theatrical productions I was a part of took place in a decommissioned Episcopalian church.  In retrospect, it was a bit of an odd setting for a musical...

Scott’s TED Talk

Scott’s TED Talk

In February Scott was an invited speaker to this year's TEDxUNO where the theme was Resilience.  His talk, "Living Open" has now been published.  Watch it here.



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