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Advent Devotionals

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
October 22 2020

Advent approaches. Already.

In honor of the season (and what will likely be a weird season at that) and our upcoming Advent Series, “A New World,” we are putting together a collection of First Central Advent daily devotionals tentatively titled, “A New World: Musings on Advent from First Central Congregational Church”.

We are, therefore, seeking essays, poems, artwork, and general musings from First Central folks. Writings should be no more than 300 words (with some leeway, of course), and images of artwork should be shrinkable to be able fit into a printed booklet. The devotional (and images) will also be made available online.

Writings/poems/artwork should be submitted by Monday, November 23rd, and absolutely everyone in our wide church (online and in person) community is invited to participate. Kids and teens, too!

What’s the theme, you ask?

Advent. Advent in this very weird year.

Waiting. Struggling with waiting.
Waiting for Jesus.
Waiting on/for a New World.
A New World. (Particularly given that it’s the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower)
Creating a new world. Emerging into a new world.
Hope. Peace. Joy. Love.
If you or someone you know  would be willing to participate in this project or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a Facebook message or email: katie@firstcentral.org
If you are not a writer/artist but have a favorite poem/writing in the public domain that resonates with you, feel free to send that as well!