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An Interview With . . . Kendra Delacadena

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
November 23 2015

Kendra Delacadena--edited

In this week’s Interview With . . . meet Kendra Delacadena who works in Nutrition & Food Labeling at ConAgra and is active as a volunteer at church.

Question: What ways do you volunteer at the church?

Kendra: I volunteer with First YOUth, our chancel decorating committee, and serving dinner at Siena Francis House.

Q: Why do you volunteer?

Kendra: I love volunteering with the youth! During this critical time in their life, I believe it is important for them to be connected to the church. Why not have fun along the way making new friends?

Q: What do you enjoy or find meaningful about volunteering?

Kendra: I’ve always enjoyed volunteering. Growing up I frequently volunteered in preparing and serving a meal at the citizen center. I find it very gratifying to give back and see how a community can help itself and take care of their neighbors. My mom was a Peace Corps volunteer, and I believe I inherited that spirit from her.

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