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An Interview with . . . Steve Jackson

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
January 11 2016

SteIn our on-going series on the many ways our members impact the wider community, this week we hear from Steve Jackson.

Question: What is your occupation?

Steve: Health Program Manager. I find medication and support services to HIV+ individuals.

Question:  What do you find meaningful about your work?

Steve: Helping people in need is the most meaningful part of my job.

Question: How do you think your work is making a better world?

Steve: By reducing community viral load and the possibility of disease transmission; by participating in a community of providers who protect health.

Question: What causes or organizations do you volunteer with?

Steve: American Cancer Society, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Citizens Advocacy Group, and Habitat for Humanity.

Question: How does church or faith assist you with your work?

Steve: Church keeps me grounded. I can reflect on the teachings of the sermon when work is stressful. I can count on my faith when in an ethical situation to make the right decisions or to stand up to someone.

At First Central, empowered by the Spirit, we are changing lives and making a better world.