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An Interview with . . . Tracy Zaiss

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
February 8 2016

Tracy Zaiss In this on-going series we explore the myriad ways our congregants are working in the community to change lives and change the world. Along the way we learn how broad is the ministry of this church.

Today we hear from Tracy Zaiss, lifelong member of First Central.

Question: What is your occupation?

Tracy: I work in marketing and strategic planning.

Question: What organizations do you volunteer with?

Tracy: The Urban League of Nebraska and the Women’s Fund of Greater Omaha.

Question: What do you find meaningful about your work?

Tracy: My bliss comes from figuring out solutions to seemingly intractable problems and/or figuring out how to do something differently than currently being done. My current area of concentration is in education. I whole-heartedly believe that there are very few things that offer people the fulfillment, self-confidence and earning potential that education does. So I have several initiatives I’m working with to secure access to education to those who are not traditionally well served here in the United States and internationally.

Question: How does church assist you with your work?

Tracy: I grew up at First Central and early on embraced the call to social justice that our church advances. This is key to my commitment to the work I’m doing.

Also – I feel a strong sense of integrity about First Central. If integrity is aligning your beliefs, your thoughts and your actions, First Central allows me the opportunity to explore beliefs and thoughts, articulate them and put them in action.

Question: How do you think your work is making a better world?

Tracy: Well – that is certainly the hope. Sometimes it’s hard to see that big picture when you’re slogging through the details of creating learning paths for those who have no idea what the next steps can be or even a vision of opportunity. Whether or not I’m successful will be for others to determine I think.