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Annual Giving Campaign – FAQs

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
September 12 2019

Annual Giving Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q:   Why should we give to First Central?


A:   First Central is a unique place where people come together in conversation and communion, share their stories, and learn from one another.  We engage in the issues of the day, the stories of the Bible, and the significant themes of our tradition – with a fresh, modern perspective.

Through our core values of God’s continuing revelation and our welcome of ALL people, we enhance and change lives.

The results are:

  • Greater service to our neighborhood and the wider community,
  • Helping the less fortunate,
  • Feeding the hungry,
  • Advocating for justice, and
  • Influencing the city for the better.

All this – and more – happens because you give. Delight in that.


Q:   Why – and how much – should one pledge?


A:   A pledge is defined as, “a solemn promise or undertaking.” It is how FCC plans for the upcoming year and for the future.  A pledge is not a legal contract and is easily modified. Financial planning is essential to the success of both the donor and FCC.


The straight talk about pledging:

  • Currently, 79% of FCC’s households pledge.
  • When considering a pledge amount, it is common practice to adopt a percentage of one’s gross annual income. What works for you? 5%?  10%? More or less?
  • People often annually raise their percentage of giving.
  • Giving to FCC is, in turn, a gift to yourself! It tangibly helps to forge connections among and between us, and, equally as important, with our greater community.


If your financial situation changes, for better or worse, FCC understands. If you need to revise your pledge, or have any questions about pledging or FCC finances, merely contact the church at finance@firstcentral.org or 402/345-1533.