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Can You Resolve to TAGG-ing More in the New Year?

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
January 2 2020

In case you have ever wanted to try the TAGG app, or if you’ve tried and not been successful and have given up, here’s a handy little tutorial to help you start earning money for First Central!



How To Use TAGG


First, you MUST download the TAGG app to your smart device.  You can no longer use their website to “earn” money for your favorite non-profits!

The app can be downloaded – for free – for either Apple or Android devices.  The easiest way is to simply type “Together a Greater Good”  or “TAGG” into a Google search and then follow the prompts on your device to install the app.

Before you open the app to Tagg a purchase, you MUST turn on the Location Setting on your smart device.  You absolutely cannot continue on the TAGG app without sharing your location.  (You can, however, turn the Location Setting back off as soon as you completed your TAGG.

Now, find the app on your device.  It is orange and with a big white price tag on it.  Tap it open.

Set yourself up an account!  You can login via Facebook if you choose, but you must set yourself up an account with a password before you can proceed.

When first opened, the app will inevitably show you an announcement about new or recently added business partners.  If you tap on those images, you will be taken into a rabbit hole of advertisers and eventually forget that you were trying to earn money for First Central.  So, just look at the announcement, maybe make a mental not to try out the business if it is something that looks intriguing, and after a few long seconds, they will disappear.

And you should see a screen that will look something like this:

See the orange circle at the bottom?  That will always be there even though the content on the rest of the page will change with news updates.  TAP THAT ORANGE CIRCLE WITH THE LITTLE PRICE TAGG IN IT.

That icon means you want to “TAGG” a purchase.

Once you start the process, the next screen should look similar to this:

Tap this box at the top, and begin to search for the non-profit organization of your choice. There are literally hundreds of them now participating!  The quickest way to find First Central is to type “First Central Congregational UCC” into that box and it will appear from the long list.  Tap our name and the next screen will appear.

(NOTE:  once you have TAGGed to First Central, the app will remember that and the next time you TAGG, First Central should be saved – in blue type as above – on this screen so you don’t have to do a search for it. )

Of course, you are free to TAGG your purchases to ANY of the participating non-profits.  Just type and search!  Once you have TAGGed one purchase to any of the participating non-profits, it will be saved on this page, as seen in the photo above.  (See the blue type)



Now, you are ready to choose the business you have patronized. Be sure you have the receipt handy!

There are lots and lots of businesses participating now. 

This list that appears on this screen (in blue type) will be businesses that are located closest to you based on your location.

You  can type the name of the participating business in the box at the top of this screen (circled in red).  Be sure to double check the business!  Some of them, like Hy-Vee and Runza for example, have multiple locations participating, so you want to be sure you have selected the exact right one!


You’re almost done!

After selecting the participating business, it’s time to upload the receipt.

You can take a picture of the receipt using your smart phone BEFORE you start this whole process, or you have the option of taking the photo at this point in the process.  See below.

As you can see here, at the bottom of the screen should now appear three options:  Camera, Gallery or Cancel.

Tap “cancel” if you have accidentally selected the wrong business and need to go back one step to correct it.

Tap “gallery” if you have already snapped a photo of your receipt.  Your photo gallery should open so you can find the picture of the receipt.  Tap the photo of the receipt, and you’ll get to the final step. Please rate the business with the scale of smiley faces and tap submit.

Tap “camera” if you need to take a photo of your receipt. Once the camera screen appears, line up the receipt and take the photo.  Tap the check mark if you are satisfied with the photo (MAKE SURE THE DATE AND THE TOTAL AMOUNT ARE VISIBLE) or tap the trash can if you need to try again.   Answer any questions on the final screen and/or rate the business, and you’re done!



Just remember that if you prefer to not have the location setting activated on your phone, then you will need to go back into your settings and turn that off.  But you will need to turn it back on again before you decide to open the TAGG app again!  HAPPY TAGGING!