National & Global

Not content with simply trying to make Omaha a better place, we participate in changing the world, through our national and global partnerships.

Just Haiti

Grower-hand-sorts-coffee.1Just Haiti works with subsistence coffee growers and their families in Haiti, providing them a fair price for their labor.   Shade-grown coffee, grown for export and offered to consumers at a fair price, represents the future for typical Haitian coffee farmer.  In that future, farm families can break the stranglehold of poverty and violence that have choked the just development of rural Haiti for hundreds of years.  In that future, farmers will build economic independence and social justice, while growing a sustainable, environmentally friendly cash crop.

UCC Coffee Project

ucc-coffee-project-logoWe get our decaf coffee and tea from the UCC Coffee Project.  We purchase commodities that are fairly traded.  Through the project, small farmers and their families gain more control over their lives, earn a fairer share of income, have access to credit and technical support, and gain a trading partner they can trust.  And, through the project, members of our congregation can learn about consumption habits that support small scale farmers and workers throughout the world and encourage careful stewardship of God’s creation.

We also participate in Holy Joe’s Cafe, which provides coffee for military chaplains to use in ministering to our military personnel serving abroad.

Sponsoring a Refugee Family

RefugeesRefugee Services is a program of Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska that provides services to refugees before, during and after their arrival, including resettlement and employment services.  They prepare for a refugee´s arrival and help them obtain needed services.

We sponsored a refugee family in 2016 and continue to help them adjust to the community and take them to local events! The family has been a joy to get to know!

We have another refugee family, just arrived in January from Darfur. Our team is assisting in getting them settled in their new apartment, adjusting to life in the United States, and getting to know the Omaha area.

Global Ministries

global ministriesThrough our Global Ministries the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) invite you to join with global and local partners to work for justice, reconciliation, and peace.
Our efforts include empowering women, rural development through micro-credit, water projects, environmental protection, and more.
Currently we are focused on our Middle East Initiative.

One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing, is the refugee, relief and development offering of the United Church of Christ and several other denominations.  It transforms lives through health, education, agricultural, and disaster relief initiatives in 138 countries.

Native American Outreach

604127_10151515809765889_380806888_nWe have discovered the value of on-going relationships with our Native American sisters and brothers, as expressed in the Lakota phrase mitakuye oyasin, which means “for all my relations.”  We have been enriched by exploring their history, spirituality, Earth care, and cultural traditions.  And we have reached out.  We have taken mission trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation, planted trees on the Omaha Reservation, collected books and bookshelves for the library of the Omaha Senior Care Center, and donated coats and blankets.