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On Sunday mornings, the kids all head out of the sanctuary after the Children’s Sermon.  But then what happens?

Most Sundays, the FIRSTKids time actually starts with the Children’s Sermon.  Then, as Dena Higginbotham – teacher/volunteer- puts it, “it’s down the stairs, down the hall, and to the classrooms!”  From there kids jump right into discussions and activities.

“The lessons have been crafted to fit with whatever worship is about, so – in theory – the kids and parents can talk about the same thing on the car ride home,” says Pastor Katie Miller.

Class time varies based on children’s age, but all the kids have an opportunity to learn through play, discovery and friendship building.  Each week a key Bible verse is learned around child-centered activities that incorporate the lesson through crafts, movement, music, drama, play and sometimes snacks.

Teachers and volunteers have the flexibility to gauge how the kids are feeling and responding on any given week and adjust their plans accordingly.  The curriculum is designed to be flexible.  What is constant is that all ages always gather at the end of class for a prayer together.  So they start together upstairs in worship and then end all together in prayer.

Activities on Wednesday night family-night is similar.  After the pot-luck supper all together, kids head downstairs just like Sunday mornings. This fall, Wednesday night curriculum for all ages focuses on “Parables”, and the kids have their own Travel Guide to the Parables. Each week kids go on an adventure to help them understand what God really wants from them.  And, just like on Sundays, there is plenty of play, and crafts and friendship.

Whether kids attend on Sundays or Wednesday – or both – it’s important to note that none of their fun learning experiences would be possible without dedicated volunteers to teach and guide them on their faith journey.  THANK YOU to those who have served this role in the past and continue to do so today!  If you’ve ever wanted to help with any – or all – of the FIRSTKids programming here at First Central, please contact Pastor Katie Miller.


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