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Katie’s Musings – Back to School

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
September 12 2019

To all the students newly back to school….

The new students, clutching lunch boxes and shiny new trapper keepers, looking for a

friendly face to sit next to…

The students whose parents are struggling to keep the lights on, grateful for the school

lunch to fill their stomachs…

The students slathering on makeup because otherwise they don’t look the way their

peers and their instagram think they should…

The students staring at themselves in the mirror every morning, longing to wear the

clothes that suit their identity but knowing they’ll get in trouble for it….

The students who spend hours upon hours at school hoping their crush will notice


The “good” students who wish they could relax….

The “bad” students who wish they could be appreciated….

The students whose parents and teachers just can’t understand them….

The students who don’t have parents to understand them…

The class clowns and the nerds, the music kids and the jocks, and the students who

float between, who don’t fit in anywhere and/or who can then fit in anywhere….

You are important.
You make the world a better place.
You can make it through.
You are our future, but you are also our present.
And you got this.