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Mental Health Month

Cassie Williams
May 24 2018

May is Mental Health Month and the Health Team is focusing on anxiety and depression.

Included below are two short assessments, one for anxiety and one for depression. One note of caution about these assessments: they are not meant for diagnostic purposes. They are intended to assist individuals to determine if it might be helpful to have a discussion with your healthcare provider if you think you are experiencing anxiety or depression that is interfering with your daily life.

If you should score high on one or both of these assessments, it does not necessarily mean there is a mental health diagnosis. There are times in our lives that we are experiencing temporary circumstances that may cause us to score high.

We all need some anxiety to motivate us. Anxiety enables us to study for tests, write sermons, work hard to do a good job—but too much anxiety can interfere with our daily functioning.

The intent of the Health Team is to provide these assessments to help you determine if you would benefit from a chat with your health professional.

anxiety and depression self-test