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Neighbors In Need – How you can help

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
November 13 2019

In case you missed this informative message from Michael Cich-Jones on Sunday morning, here it is again!


“You’ve been invited to give to the Neighbors in Need special offering.


Half of your gifts stay here in Omaha, supporting organizations like Habitat for Humanity, which Lou Lamberty spoke about last week.


And in the coming weeks, you’ll hear about some other ways we at First Central help our community.


The other half of your gifts go to the National setting of the United Church of Christ.


So.. What do your gifts to the National setting do do?


Well, one-third goes to the UCC Council of American Indian Ministry, which supports 22 congregations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.


You funded the work of the Dakota Association who fought the desecration of Native lands by the Keystone Pipeline, which just spilled 400,000 gallons of crude oil into North Dakota wetlands.


You funded teen suicide prevention education in Indian Country, where some UCC pastors have of´Čüciated as many as eight teen suicides in a single year.


The remaining two-thirds of your gifts support justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and grants across the nation.


You funded MicroBanking in Baltimore, Maryland; a Youth Homeless Shelter in Louisville, Kentucky;First Central’s own community meal right here in Omaha.


And last month, you wiped out $5.3 million in medical debt for 6,000 families in Chicago. And as Scott mentioned in his sermon, we purchased that debt for pennies.


$38,000 for $5.3 millions.




Pennies to save families drowning in debt — families punished just for being sick.


Because of you, instead of choosing between putting food on the table or keeping the lights on.


Instead of working multiple jobs that took them away from their families.


6,000 families can now be a family, doing something as simple and transformational as being home to help their children with their homework at night.


All of that for pennies.


Next Sunday, think about all you’ve already done and imagine what your gifts can do for so many other families.”