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Race & Liberation: Contemporary Black Theology

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
October 7 2020

In his book The Christian Imagination, theologian Willie James Jennings argues that modern, Western Christianity has a “diseased social imagination.”  Diseased because of the way racism has poisoned Christianity for the last five centuries.  If so, how do we liberate ourselves?  In 2020 so many white people are turning to the work of anti-racism.  How might contemporary black theology aid this work?


For three weeks, beginning on Wednesday, September 30 at 5:45 p.m., Senior Minister Scott Jones will lead an Adult Ed class on Zoom exploring this topic.  He’ll begin with looking at the groundbreaking work of James Cone and Delores Williams before examining more recent contributions.  Ahead of each class he’ll post some excerpts to read, so look for those or reach out to him if you’ve missed them.


September 30–Breaking Ground: Black Liberation & Womanist Theology–recorded Zoom session
October 7–Racism & Christian Theology
October 14–Making a Way: Recent Developments in Womanist Theology