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Cassie Williams
July 19 2018


As you know, for the last two years I have chaired a team on behalf of our church which has sponsored a refugee family originally from Burma. I have reported regularly about this family and how much fun we have had with them. You may recall we met the family at the airport and have spent a great deal of time with them furnishing their home, helping with groceries, taking them to the zoo, Lauritzen gardens, Childrens museum, and in general helping them acclimate to our culture. Our church members that have served on this team and helped the family are fabulous. They have made an incredible difference in the life of our refugee family, and the family is doing very well. Shee Lweh has a good job, the children Manay, Has Shee Moo and Ywar Hay Blut are doing very well in school. They are in an apartment they are happy with, and the family is very appreciative of what we have done for them.

But it has been over two years, and Lutheran Family Services and our pastor Scott would like us to sponsor another family. I have agreed again to chair a refugee team committee, number two. We will likely learn the identity of our new family the first of September. As a sponsor, again we will furnish their apartment, provide some initial clothing and culturally appropriate groceries, meet them at the airport, and our team members will take turns meeting regularly with the family for the first year. It is a rewarding experience.

I am of course inviting members of the first church refugee team to participate again, but I would also like to see some new faces on our team. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact me by phone at 402-253-9881 or email at patlamberty@gmail.com, or find me after church. I am excited about this effort with a new family and I hope some of you will join our second refugee team and help our second refugee family.

Thank you.

Pat Lamberty