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Stewardship 2019- What’s Your Story? Matt & Megan Henkes

Cassie Williams
October 1 2018

“First Central wasn’t our first stop on that journey, but it is where we found our community.” – Matt & Megan Henkes


“Hello, we are Megan and Matt Henkes. We are celebrating the one year anniversary of getting married by Pastor Katie from First Central. Our First Central story begins a bit before that, however. It starts with the two of us searching high and low to find a church that reflected the loving values that we try to share. First Central wasn’t our first stop on that journey, but it is where we found our community. At the time, we lived a country mile from the church (which for the record is 1.6 city miles). We did not realize that we would find a church to call home so close to us. Over time, we became formal members and finally had our church family.

So, when it came time for the two of us to make our commitments to each other and form our own family, it seemed only natural that we would turn to the church. This made the celebration very special to us and our families. And, for the record – Katie handled our families very well and they sometimes require a LOT of handling.

We want others to share the moments of joy we have had with the church. Those moments are not just limited to the major life events, but they are the extravagant welcome we try to live out in our congregation. For this reason, we ask that you consider supporting the church through the stewardship campaign. Please help us to be a place of joy and family.”




We’re all drawn to First Central for so many reasons…so many stories behind those reasons. What’s YOUR First Central story? Stewardship Campaign 2019 chose stories as its focus. It’s what drives us to commit to this community of faith. It’s what inspires us to give financially so these stories can continue.

Each week we will be sharing a multitude of First Central Stories.

From now until Stewardship Sunday, October 7th, you will have a variety of ways to make a financial commitment to First Central.

You Can:

  • Submit your Pledge on Stewardship Sunday, October 7th
  • Go online at firstcentral.org   OR
  • Respond to weekly stewardship emails
    • You can make a One Time Gift or Submit Your Pledge Online