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Building RentalSuper Sale
Saturday, May 13, 2023
9:00-2:00 in the church gym

The Super Sale annually offers plants, books, thrift, and art for sale, with lots of vegetables, perennials, and houseplants.  Seeds have been planted and currently reside in their pots in the downstairs hallway across from the choir room. A sign on the plant table has also sprouted, and for those of you who don’t go downstairs often, it says:

We welcome your
Help at the Sale
Contact Cherie Ferber or Barb Switzer

In the past, we’ve had plant donations from church members, thrift store shoppers, people’s moms, members’ neighbors, and their moms’ neighbors. Plants have a way of either not growing at all, or of spreading or transplanting themselves to places where they were never invited.  So come and buy any needed replacement plants at great prices, or donate your extras. We do ask for markings of any information you may have, like what the plant is (if you know), when it blooms, or what color it is. We have lots of pots and plant markers available for your use. It’s a great outlet for experienced gardeners to thin plants that have gotten too enthusiastic or change landscaping plans without resorting to composting their excess. And it’s a great way for novice gardeners to try something that has thrived somewhere in Omaha for a budget-friendly price.

Everyone is invited! And don’t forget the books and thrift and art that also make up the supersale!


421 South 36th Street, Omaha Nebraska, 68131
(Located at the corner of 36th and Harney Streets)






First Central Congregational Church