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TAGG for First Central

Cassie Williams
August 17 2017

TAGG for First Central
TAGG – Together A Greater Good – is a small, local enterprise based here in Omaha.  Conceptualized by two moms who were overwhelmed and exhausted by fundraising activities for all of their kids schools and extra cirriculars, TAGG makes the process of raising funds simple and fun!
First, just download the TAGG app to your phone or smart device.  www.togetheragreatergood.com  Or, if you don’t have a “smart” device, you can use a computer and the web address.  You simply visit participating business around town (and there are LOTS of them), snap a photo of your receipt, send the photo using the app or the website and TAGG automatically takes 5% of your total purchase and gives it to the cause of your choice!  And in this case, we hope you select First Central.
After a trip to The Bookworm last week, I TAGGed my receipt and in less than 30 seconds, a $2.11 deposit went off the First Central account.  Seriously, it took less than a minute.
When you first sign up or download the app, you will be asked to share your TAGG via social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter.  Don’t panic!  It’s totally OK to do this!  You want all of your on-line contacts to know that First Central is out there and that we’ll happily accept TAGG donations from them.
You can find a full list of participating local businesses on the app and the website.  You’ll be surprised how many of them you probably patronize regularly.  So why not save that receipt and have a portion of your purchases help the work we do at First Central?
As you are out and about, you might also notice the TAGG logo on windows and store fronts.  Those are business owners who have made the commitment to the TAGG organization to make donations on your behalf!  What a wonderful partnership for our community!
Confused?  Have questions?  Ask any member of the Council – we all downloaded the app at a recent meeting.  We’d be happy to help you get started.
Happy TAGGing!
– Kerrie Kleppin-Winn