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TAGG, which is an acronym for “Together A Greater Good” is a non-profit organization unique to Omaha.  The phone app was launched a few years ago my two busy moms who were overrun with an onslaught of fundraisers with their kids.  Their only mission: find a better way to raise funds without inundating people with things they may or may not need.

And that’s what they did!

Here’s how it works: you simply buy things and shop around town, and participating businesses give a portion of your spending back to the organization, school or non-profit of your choice.  It couldn’t be easier.

First Central became a participating non-profit organization a few years ago.  In fact, some of our members have been “TAGGing” and earning money for FCC for some time.  Restaurants, theaters, some small businesses – like insurance agencies, mortgage companies, and landscapers – have registered to participate.  In fact, Hy-Vee grocery stores just recently announced their participation in the program!  Remember this as you do your weekly grocery shopping and think about how a small portion of your total purchases could add up if we were all TAGGing.

All you need to do is download the TAGG app to your smart phone or tablet.  Then save the receipts from businesses participating in the program.  Simply snap a photo of the receipt and save it into the app, select the non-profit of your choice – First Central, of course – and viola – a portion of your purchase will end up in the church budget.  (The amounts vary slightly from business to business, but every dollar helps!)  You literally give when you spend!

You can find a helpful tutorial – as well as a list of participating businesses – right here.

New businesses are being added every week, so check back often!  And don’t forget to look for the TAGG logo while you are out and about.  Most restaurants proudly display a sticker on the door to remind you to hang on to that receipt and TAGG it to First Central!

Happy TAGGing!


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