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How long have you been a member at First Central?
I’ve been a member of First Central since 2018.
What is your occupation?
I’m a corporate attorney at Kiewit.
What do you find meaningful about your work?
I help with a variety of company initiatives, from buying and selling companies and assisting with other strategic initiatives, to protecting the company’s intellectual property, to helping with other compliance efforts. In this role, I get the chance to work with Kiewit employees across the organization and throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. I really enjoy working with a team and get tremendous satisfaction from driving a challenging project from the beginning to the end.
What organizations do you volunteer with?
I’ve been volunteering with the Junior League of Omaha since 2014 and am currently a Sustaining Member. I also volunteer coach for the YMCA for 2nd and third grade volleyball and was a past YMCA 1st grade soccer coach.
What ways do you volunteer at the church?
I was a member of the Stewardship Committee this year and served as Chair last year.
Why do you volunteer?
With respect to Junior League, I have enjoyed getting out into the community and making an impact beyond my own family. I have enjoyed building relationships with fellow volunteers and learning more about Omaha. With respect to the YMCA, there is always a need for coaches! I have enjoyed getting back on the volleyball court and teaching my daughters the sports I love. It is tremendously rewarding to spend time with children helping them develop their skills and character as they navigate the ups and downs of athletics. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Stewardship Committee because I have gotten to learn a new skill set and have a chance to get to know other church members.
What do you enjoy or find meaningful about volunteering?
I went to college at Creighton University, a Jesuit school which taught about the importance of cura personalis – body, mind, and spirit. It means giving attention to the whole person. Those who know me, know I love to stay active, which takes care of my body. My job is intellectually challenging and keeps my mind sharp. Volunteering is something I do for my spirit. I know I was not put on this earth just to advance my own goals. Community is important and volunteering helps me find the greater meaning I seek in my existence than work and family alone can do.

How does church, faith, or spirituality assist you with your work?
It is simply not possible to leave your beliefs at the door when you enter the doors for work. There is always judgment to be exercised, even if its a narrow amount. My church, faith, and spirituality assists me with those judgment calls. To give just one example, I’ve had the chance to make company policies more inclusive by making small language changes to get rid of binary pronouns. This is not earth shattering change, but it’s something small I can do.

How do you think your work is making a better world?
My work in particular is not humanitarian in nature. I am a corporate lawyer for a large construction firm. I do not feel like I’m making a better world by going to work every day. That said, I hope that my overall impact on the world with all the hats I wear: employee, mother, coach, volunteer, church member, are making a positive contribution. That is certainly my intent.


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