Everyone in our congregation will follow a unique spiritual journey, but we all call First Central “home.” Through worship, prayer, education, and service we encourage a variety of spiritual practices.  Our spirituality engages science, art, and social justice work.

Noon Meditation

antique baptismal font in library120Our sanctuary is open for quiet reflection, prayer, and meditation Monday through Friday, from 11 AM to 1 PM, except for some holidays and snow days.  A prayer guide is available.


labA labyrinth is not a maze.   Mazes offer many entrances, dead-ends, and cul-de-sacs.  You can get lost in a maze.

A labyrinth has only one path that always leads to the center.  A labyrinth may offer confusing curves, and may fool us into believing that we are closer to the end of our journey than is really true, but it never deceives us.  You cannot get lost in a labyrinth, but you could find a spiritual center.

Labyrinths are old.  The stone labyrinth on the Isle of Crete is at least 4000 years old.  The basic design appears in many cultures over virtually the entire world.

Here is more information about Labyrinth traditions and meditation practices.

The labyrinth at First Central is almost an exact copy of the one at Chartres Cathedral outside of Paris, France.  It is nearly forty-one feet in diameter, and exactly one-sixth of a mile from the entrance to the center.  It is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ArtThe spiritual life of the church is enhanced through the arts, and through the arts we explore, encourage, and foster new and divergent expressions of our values and beliefs.  The Arts Team plans and produces arts events and maintains a display area for visual arts in the church.  Arts activities, including visual arts, photography, architectural studies, performing arts, and the written and spoken word, providing opportunities for church members of all ages, as well as others in our community, to nurture and express their understanding and views of the sacred.

Yoga & Tai Chi

A Little Space LOGOMany people arrive at their first Yoga or Tai Chi class in search of something. It might be more flexibility, strength, or balance, or improved health and wellness, or peace and calm or happiness, or even love and acceptance. We are all searching for something, always it seems, in our lives. Whatever it is for you, the search is not outside of yourself; it is within. Everything you need is there! That is the foundation of teaching at A Little Space Yoga & Tai Chi. Embrace who you really are, and realize you are enough exactly as you are. Come home to yourself. You are already complete and whole.

A Little Space Yoga & Tai Chi is grateful to share space and be located in the Old Parlor on the Third Floor of First Central Congregational Church, 421 South 36th Street. A Little Space offers weekly Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi classes, as well as a two-hour monthly Restorative Yoga class. Private sessions or private classes are also available. Please check alittlespaceyoga.com for more information and for the current schedule.

Namaste. May we hold space for ourselves to breathe, to be, to be human.

Devotion & Contemplation

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