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To Be More . . . this Lent

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
February 26 2020

The season of Lent is a time of self-examination as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter.  Traditionally people commit to giving something up or taking on a new spiritual discipline.  This year we invite you To Be More . . .

“More what?” you say.

More of what God is calling you to be and do.  And what God is calling us as a church to be and do.

Your more might be unique, but we’ll focus on a few ideas: Daring, Neighborly, Accessible, Sustainable, Hopeful, and Passionate.

Join us for worship this Lenten season.  And begin to pray what your more might be.

Scott’s Column: American Muslim Institute Visit

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
February 19 2020

Sunday, before our Confirmation class visited the American Muslim Institute, we were eating lunch and discussing why our confirmation class visits other … More

Katie’s Musings – The Underbelly

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
February 11 2020

So recently when sleep was eluding me, I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and landed on a channel called Soft White … More

Guest Columnist – The 1% In All of Us

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
January 29 2020

The following appeared on Nancy Northcutt’s Facebook page the day of Joan Eddy’s funeral, and is used with Nancy’s permission.   The … More

State of the Church 2020

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
January 27 2020

At yesterday’s Annual Meeting, Senior Minister Scott Jones delivered his annual “State of the Church” address. This being my tenth Annual Meeting … More

An Interview With… Laura Mitchell, Moderator-Elect

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
January 23 2020

Laura will be taking over as Moderator after Sunday’s annual meeting, so we thought you all might like to get to know … More

Wisdom: Wednesday Night Bible Study

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
March 4 2020

“To move from Job to Proverbs to the Song of Solomon is to see the many ways God is engaged with us–in … More

Can You Resolve to TAGG-ing More in the New Year?

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
January 2 2020

In case you have ever wanted to try the TAGG app, or if you’ve tried and not been successful and have given … More

TAGG – One Easy Way to Give to First Central!

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
November 20 2019

TAGG, which is an acronym for “Together A Greater Good” is a non-profit organization unique to Omaha.  The phone app was launched … More

From the Health Team: Cold & Flu Season

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
November 19 2019

Here we are again, right at the onset of cold and flu season. We are all interested in things we can do … More

Education Spotlight: What’s Happening Downstairs?

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
November 6 2019

On Sunday mornings, the kids all head out of the sanctuary after the Children’s Sermon.  But then what happens? Most Sundays, the … More

Parables: Wednesday Night Bible Study

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
September 11 2019

“The parables give us access to the way Jesus re-imagined the possibility of living, of being in the world.”–Brandon Scott Our Wednesday … More

First Central Library

Cassie Williams
June 21 2019

Ever wondered what books are available in the church library? The First Central Library catalog is now online. You can access it … More

Scott’s TED Talk

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
April 2 2019

In February Scott was an invited speaker to this year’s TEDxUNO where the theme was Resilience.  His talk, “Living Open” has now … More

Mayflower 400

Kerrie Kleppin-Winn
February 5 2020

Mayflower 400 2020 is the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower and the establishment of Plymouth Colony.  A key moment … More

Scott’s Column: Ideas

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
January 6 2020

The second column in my series on what I read in 2019.  Here’s the first one on books about history. A good … More