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When I was new as your pastor over four years ago, if we had a one-on-one conversation, then I probably asked you to tell me your story.  A person is identified through their story.

Same with groups of people.  We are a community not because of an agreement to get along.  Not because of this great building or our policies and by-laws, but a shared story.

In fact what makes a community a community and not just an assortment of people is a shared story – a beginning, middle, and hoped for end.

And it is a community’s story which answers all the big questions.  Want to know what is right and what is wrong?  What we believe?  What is the meaning of life?  Who we think God is?  Then you look at our story.

So, let us tell our story.  Our story as the people of God.

[Scott’s sermon on Sunday did not use a normal manuscript, so you’ll need to watch or listen to the video to hear more about how the beginning of the book of Exodus narrates our story.]


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First Central Congregational Church