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Michael and I were married on June 6, 2009 in Oklahoma City in a city park just a few blocks down from our house in this spot where there is a little dip in the ground near the creek and it is surrounded by great, old trees which kinda sheltered it.  It looked beautiful with the two hundred white chairs arranged there before everyone arrived.  Michael and I waited back at the house and came last; we arrived in a classic red Thunderbird sitting on the parade bench seat like the grand marshals of a parade.  We hadn’t even told our family or wedding party how we were going to arrive, so it made quite a sensation as we drove up. . . .

[Note: Scott delivered this sermon on the Wedding of Cana without a manuscript.  So, you’ll have to watch or listen to the video to hear more about how weddings are symbols of God’s abundant blessings and to also discover how this story reveals God’s desire for humanity.  It’s something you just might want to believe in.]



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First Central Congregational Church