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Scott’s Column: A Mess of Things

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
February 28 2017

A Mess of Things

I need the season of Lent this year, so I’m glad it begins this week.

Lent is a time for reflection that leads to confession and repentance so that we might experience healing and resurrection.  Do you need that too?

In my preparations for Ash Wednesday I read this great description—“On Ash Wednesday we come together to say that we, as a people, have made a mess of things, and it is only through the infinite mercy of God in Christ Jesus that we have any hope to set things right.”

This fit very well with the discussion had at our last worship brainstorming party in which the attendees requested that our Ash Wednesday focus on the “messiness of the lives we live” and “meeting God in the messiness.”  The advice of the group was that our Lenten worship should “take the mess and weave it into a pattern.”

Our Lenten theme is “Ties that Bind.”  Sometimes we feel cut off from other people, from God, and from our true selves.  If we do what is right and good we can weave those bonds and enjoy the fullness of life.

If you feel the messiness of life, if you feel divided from other people, if you believe we need to reweave the social bonds, then please join me in the worship and spiritual disciplines of the season of Lent.  What waits for us on the other side is the new life of resurrection.