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Stewardship 2019- What’s Your Story? Julie McKillip

Cassie Williams
October 1 2018

“That hole has been filled and for that I thank you.”  – Julie McKillip


“Hi my name is Julie McKillip. I searched for over 2 1/2 years for the ‘right’ church. I felt like I had a hole that needed to be filled, a longing for companionship with friendly, loving people.

A feeling of peace within myself happened when I sat in our beautiful sanctuary and listened to Scott’s sermon.

The first Sunday, several ladies made me feel that their friendship was genuine. I later became their Eve sister!

I knew that I wanted to be a member of this Congregational family that allows me to be a part of them.

That hole has been filled and for that I thank you.”




We’re all drawn to First Central for so many reasons…so many stories behind those reasons. What’s YOUR First Central story? Stewardship Campaign 2019 chose stories as its focus. It’s what drives us to commit to this community of faith. It’s what inspires us to give financially so these stories can continue.

Each week we will be sharing a multitude of First Central Stories.

From now until Stewardship Sunday, October 7th, you will have a variety of ways to make a financial commitment to First Central.

You Can:

  • Submit your Pledge on Stewardship Sunday, October 7th
  • Go online at firstcentral.org   OR
  • Respond to weekly stewardship emails
    • You can make a One Time Gift or Submit Your Pledge Online