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Stewardship 2019- What’s Your Story? Pam Beranek

Cassie Williams
September 18 2018

“I feel love here in times of sadness and happiness.” – Pam Beranek


“I’m Pam Beranek and I’m what I call a “giver”. I learned this from being a member at First Central.

When I was in High School I was in an Honors English class and we were reading a book called The Purgatory. It really made me question things I believed in at the time. The substitute teacher we had at the time didn’t do a great job of explaining things except what the characters represented so my mom made an appointment with the minister of our church at the time who happened to be Merton Rymph to help me sort things out. He helped me straighten things out in my head after quite a few meetings.

After that I started coming to church more often and began realizing just how much our congregation cares; about people, the homeless, the community, the world, and so much more. That’s when I became a “giver”, someone in my mind that gives of themselves to others. The members of our church give caring hugs to those that just need an embrace. We give our time by volunteering both for the church and outside our walls. If one of us is in need of help a few calls are made and people are there to help.

I feel love here in times of sadness and happiness.” 




We’re all drawn to First Central for so many reasons…so many stories behind those reasons. What’s YOUR First Central story? Stewardship Campaign 2019 chose stories as its focus. It’s what drives us to commit to this community of faith. It’s what inspires us to give financially so these stories can continue.

Each week we will be sharing a multitude of First Central Stories.

From now until Stewardship Sunday, October 7th, you will have a variety of ways to make a financial commitment to First Central.

You Can:

  • Submit your Pledge on Stewardship Sunday, October 7th
  • Go online at firstcentral.org   OR
  • Respond to weekly stewardship emails
    • You can make a One Time Gift or Submit Your Pledge Online