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Transforming: Theology Brunch for May

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
May 30 2019

“It’s not overstating the matter to say that our society’s mistreatment of transgender people is an ongoing humanitarian crisis.”–Matthew Vines

We will explore this crisis and how it relates to the Bible and faith in our May Theology Brunch with the book Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians by Austen Hartke.

By introducing transgender issues and language and providing stories of both biblical characters and real-life narratives from transgender Christians living today, Hartke helps readers visualize a more inclusive Christianity, equipping them with the confidence and tools to change both the church and the world.

Senior Minister Scott Jones will review and discuss Transforming at our next Theology Brunch, Thursday, May 30 at 12:00 at Early Bird Brunch.

Here is an excerpt from the book, chapter 4 entitled And God Said Let There Be Marshes.

Austen Hartke is the creator of the YouTube series Transgender and Christian, which seeks to understand, interpret, and share parts of the Bible that relate to gender identity and the lives of transgender individuals. Austen is a graduate of Luther Seminary’s Master of Arts program in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Studies, and is the winner of the 2014 John Milton Prize in Old Testament Writing from the same institution. He has spoken at conferences all over the country, including The Reformation Project Conferences in 2014 and 2017, the 2016 Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, and the 2018 Why Christian Conference. He also enjoys speaking at colleges and universities, and working with gender-diverse youth and families as the Faith Coordinator for Gender Spectrum. As a transgender person of faith, Austen’s greatest passion is helping other trans and gender-non-conforming people see themselves in scripture.