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Bringing back an old feature of our newsletter, which will explore the myriad ways our congregants are working in the community to change lives and change the world. Along the way we learn how broad is the ministry of this church.

What is your name, and how long have you been a member at First Central?
I’m LaDell Diaz. My wife and I started attending virtually in 2021 and have been in-person since August ‘22.
What is your occupation?
I’m a commercial transaction attorney and run the legal department for a financial technology company. I negotiate a lot of contracts with banks and payment processors.
What do you find meaningful about your work?
I like knowing that the products and services my company provides to our bank customers ultimately helps individual people have better control over their money.
What organizations do you volunteer with?
I contribute to many (food banks, youth organizations, and animal welfare charities), but have not been a hands-on volunteer. When I retire (within the next year, fingers crossed!) I hope to get personally involved with local organizations that serve LGBTQIA+ communities.
What ways do you volunteer at the church?
So far, I’ve only been active with choir and have enjoyed supporting activities for the youth and general congregation with donations. I have really enjoyed being a part of the choir, it’s a fun group of folks.
What do you enjoy or find meaningful about volunteering?
Service. Whether giving of time or money, I just love being part of the reason folks are helped and needs are met.

How does church, faith, or spirituality assist you with your work?
Faith has always been a large factor informing my personal sense of integrity. Being kind, generous, hospitable, truthful, and trustworthy are some of the qualities I hold most dear and the basis for those qualities began as tenets of faith. I strive to bring all of those qualities into my work.

How do you think your work is making a better world?
It’ll sound like a joke, but it’s true: the more honest lawyers in the world, the better. I think living my standards of integrity, being ethical and being kind, is the greatest contribution anyone can make to the world, regardless of occupation. But lawyers, like doctors, are often in a position of being able to disproportionately impact the lives of others. I try hard to make that impact as positive as possible.


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