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This weekend we started our confirmation class.  We generally do confirmation here every two years, and we kicked it off with a lock-in here at the church Friday night and Saturday morning.  We had nine kids, primarily seventh and eighth graders, who are going to be a part of this confirmation class, and it is going to be a good, fun group.  We enjoyed getting to know one another and beginning that process, and part of how we chose to begin that was we drove down to the pedestrian bridge, and I talked about those first pioneers who came to Nebraska and to Omaha in the 1850’s to help establish this city, this state, and this congregation. . . .

[This Sunday Scott preached without manuscript, so if you want to hear more about where we encounter the presence of God, then you’ll have to watch or listen to the video.]


421 South 36th Street, Omaha Nebraska, 68131
(Located at the corner of 36th and Harney Streets)






First Central Congregational Church