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So my sermon title today is “For Tomorrow You Die,” and that may be the most provocative sermon title that I’ve ever chosen to use.  Let me explain how I got there, but first I need to back up a little bit.

When you first read this parable, the obvious lesson that you initially take from it, particularly because of the way that Luke tells it—the framing story he uses in which to tell Jesus’ parable—the first lessons you get are “Don’t be greedy and don’t hoard everything for yourself.”  Those are very good lessons; things that we need to be aware of.  But it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that there are other layers of meaning in this parable, and that I couldn’t rest comfortably with sermon simply about not being greedy. . . .

[Scott preached without manuscript today, so you’ll need to watch the video to hear the lesson that this parable teaches about our impending death.]


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