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We received word last month that our (current) refugee family was struggling during this time of pandemic. The bread-winner of the Khamis family had been having difficulty with his current work situation and didn’t feel safe from the virus in the conditions of his bakery job.  They were worried about paying rent and utilities.

Thanks to the generous support of the First Central family, Pat Lamberty was able to deliver a $1,000 check to the Khamis family a few weeks ago to help cover the rent and expenses.  She was also happy to report that Mobark was able to find a new job, with better working conditions and steady pay at a plastics firm.  Like us, the rest of the family was a little stir-crazy from self-isolating, but were all healthy and grateful for Pat’s visit.

A GIANT THANK YOU to everyone who helped contribute to the Khamis family this last month and got them through what could have been a tragic time for them!


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