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We are living through a public health crisis with profound implications for all other aspects of human living—morality, psychology, culture, politics, economics, etc.  And so we developed a series of Zoom Forums facilitated by Senior Minister Scott Jones and involving fellow members of our faith community to help us gain some wisdom on this moment by sharing their perspectives.

On Saturday, May 2 we held our first forum on Health & Well-being.  Panelists were public health epidemiologist Bonnie Harmon, physician Paul Nelson, and infectious disease physician and founder of the Biocontainment Unit at Nebraska Medicine Phil Smith.   We discussed the public health measures and how we can live morally in a time of ambiguity and uncertainty.

On Saturday, May 16 we discussed Mental & Spiritual Well-being.  Panelists were minister and counselor Jeannie Bates, therapist and minister Charlene Wozny, and psychotherapist Nikki Zimmerman.  We discussed the mental health issues arising from this crisis, ways we can take care of ourselves, the role of spiritual practices in a moment like this, and how to remain hopeful.,

On Saturday, May 23 we discussed Living Well with Uncertainty.  Panelists were philosopher Laura Grams, geneticist & bioethicist David Nichols, and periodontist & anthropologist Daryl Malena.  We focused on how to cope with uncertainty, limitations on our knowledge, and how to make good and ethical decisions.


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