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At a recent church Council meeting there was discussion about how we keep up with goings on in the community and engage our congregation.  I mentioned that there are so many newsletters that I get and curate items from to share on social media or in our newsletter.  Someone suggested we share what all the newsletters are.  So, here are a couple of handfuls of newsletters you can subscribe to yourself to keep up on various things.  And if you are on a church ministry or team, you probably should sign up for those relevant to your volunteer work.

United Church of Christ Newsletters

UCC News comes out on Tuesdays and keeps you informed about goings-on in the denomination.  Following the United Church of Christ Facebook page also will get you most of this material, though I find it can get lost in the algorithms and I don’t see them in my feed as often or easily I’d prefer.

There is also a UCC Daily Devotional email.

The Tri-Conference sends out our regional news weekly.

Then all the various agencies of the UCC have their own newsletters, so pick what you are interested in (and I’m sure there are some I’ve missed):

Local Organizations

  • The church has connections with three neighborhood associations that have newsletters: Leavenworth, Blackstone, and Gifford Park (we don’t get theirs by email, but you can read it on their website).
  • The Tri-Faith Initiative’s newsletter Commons Connections not only keeps you informed of all of their events, it covers interfaith issues, and often responds to current crises with helpful statements
  • Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light is a faith based environmental and energy conservation organization
  • OutNebraska is a statewide LGBT advocacy organization.  Their newsletter keeps us up-to-date on LGBT events and public advocacy of relevant issues
  • The Women’s Fund of Omaha newsletter keeps us up-to-date on issues of concern for gender equity
  • Civic Nebraska’s newsletter covers issues about elections and defending democracy

And I’m sure I’ve forgotten some that I/we get that I may add to this list as they pop into my inbox.

And this doesn’t count all the other sorts of newsletters I personally read from ministry organizations, worship resources, other congregations, poetry sites, philosophy sites, and daily news.


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